Eagle-Eyed Fans Spot A Photo On NCT Jaehyun’s Phone That Showcases His True Personality

He’s so real.

While it may sometimes be accidental, K-Pop artists and other celebrities often give insight into what they hold dear when showing their phone’s contents.

Normally, this happens when an idol’s lock screen is exposed, like when fans spotted ITZY’s Chaeryeong‘s lock screen of her fave, Han So Hee

ITZY’s Chaeryeong

…or when GOT7‘s Jackson Wang showed his true personality when someone spotted his phone lock screen while he attended a party.

GOT7’s Jackson Wang

Recently, a photo spotted on NCT Jaehyun‘s phone has fans all in their feels!

NCT’s Jaehyun | SM Entertainment

Jaehyun just released his second solo NCT Lab track, “Horizon.” The music video features the idol in various locations in Italy, and has a dreamy romantic vibe.

As a treat for fans, a special behind-the-scenes look at the filming of “Horizon” was shared a few days later.

During one portion of the video, fans noticed that as Jaheyun took a photo, a picture could be seen on the back of his phone case. While not much of the image is shown, it didn’t take long for someone to recognize who and what it was!

In June 2023, NCT’s Taeyong released his first solo album, SHALALA, and invited several NCT members to attend his showcase. Not long after, Jaehyun shared a photo of an album gifted to him by Taeyong on his Instagram story.

Jaehyun’s album copy is the “Collector’s” version of SHALALA. Each version of SHALALA came with its own set of photo cards that you could exclusively pull from the album.

| SM Entertainment

Once fans put two and two together, they realized that the photo on the back of Jaehyun’s phone case was a photocard from Taeyong’s album!

This, and the fact that Jaehyun likely went straight from working to Taeyong’s showcase, has fans swooning over Jaehyun’s affection for the group’s leader!

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