Fans Spot GOT7 Jackson Wang’s Phone Lockscreen And It Shows His True Personality

Fans noticed while he was taking a photo for a group.

Following GOT7‘s most recent album release, GOT7, GOT7’s Jackson arrived in Los Angeles! He told fans that the trip is to continue preparations for his upcoming album, Magic Man, and his next single.

During this time, he’s shared clips of himself practicing acrobatics in preparations for his album.

Jackson even took time to attend rapper, singer, and songwriter Swae Lee‘s birthday party at the beginning of his trip. He was spotted with a variety of entertainers, including King Bach and Drake!

King Bach (left) and Jackson Wang (right). | @kiingbach/Instagram

Jackson was recently seen at another party in Los Angeles having a great time when fans happened to spot his phone’s lock screen.

The photo in question is a picture of Jackson as a toddler with his mother!

Jackson (left) and his mother (right). | @sophiawang328/Instagram

Jackson is known for how much he values his family, especially his mother. He has often talked about how deeply he loves and respects his parents for the sacrifices they made for him and his older brother after they were born.

Jackson (right) and his parents (left).
Jackson’s mother, older brother, and Jackson (left to right). | @sophiawang328/Instagram

He even moved into a new house with his parents in early 2021 in hopes of being able to take care of them as they age and give back all the love they have shown him through the years.

It’s very easy to see how important family is to him!

GOT7’s Jackson Has The Most Adorable Relationship With His Parents

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