GOT7’s Jackson Has The Most Adorable Relationship With His Parents

He may be known for his manly image, but Jackson‘s public relationship with his parents gives us a chance to see his softer side.

GOT7‘s Jackson was just 17 years old when he left his home and his parents in Hong Kong to move to Korea and start training at JYP. Jackson has often spoken about this as one of his greatest hardships.

Jackson shared that at one point before his debut with GOT7, he didn’t even know if he would ever be able to see his parents again! Luckily, that wasn’t the case and Jackson spends as much time with his parents as he possibly can.

Here’s why their relationship is the cutest thing ever!


Just a couple of weeks ago, Jackson was spotted at the airport in Hong Kong with both of his parents by his side as he made his way back to Korea after the 2016 MAMA.

The trio wanted to spend every second together that they could!

Jackson Wang
You can almost feel the love as Jackson holds his mom’s hand.
Jackson Wang
Jackson and his dad!
Jackson Wang
The idol shared this tender moment with his mother.

Fans have also seen him and his parents together on previous occasions and have shared their sweet stories online.

It’s not all behind the scenes, though. Jackson very publicly shares his love with his parents.

He made this speech dedicated to them, showing just how he much he cares for them.

He isn’t worried about having to share his parents either. Videos and photos uploaded to Instagram by his mother show that Jackson’s fellow GOT7 members are also very close with his parents.

GOT7 Jackson and Mom - 1
Jackson’s mom and all of GOT7 together at happy hour.
GOT7 Jackson and Mom - 2
Jackson’s mom even got to pose with the group after their Guangzhou concert.
GOT7 Jackson and Mom - 3
Jackson’s mom calls them her 7 good boys!

The good boys are never too busy to wave at Jackson’s mom:


No article about Jackson’s relationship with his parents would be complete without a look back at this heartwrenching moment. While Jackson was starring in Roomate in 2014, the cast surprised the idol by flying his parents in for Christmas.

It was the first time he’d seen them since leaving Hong Kong!

As you can imagine, Jackson’s parents are extremely proud of their son! Jackson’s mom’s Instagram is full of loving and supportive photos dedicated to Jackson and GOT7.

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In this case, distance certainly has made the heart grow fonder.

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