Fans Spot Suzy Looking Sad And Thoughtful Listening To Crush’s “Beautiful Life”

Suzy was spotted looking forlorn and sad during a special performance at the 2017 Asia Artist Awards.

A recent fan video of Suzy listening to Crush’s “Beautiful” performance made her fans want to hug her and send her lots of love.

She was spotted looking lost in thought as she listened to Crush singing about both the beauty and sadness of love.

During the performance, she gave a deep meaningful sigh.

And some fans claim she was holding back a tear.

After seeming to really feel every word of the lyrics, she applauded Crush for his performance.

After watching her reaction, fans speculated that Suzy was reminiscing about her recent breakup with Lee Min Ho.

Suzy and Lee Min Ho had recently confirmed that they ended their 3-year relationship.

(★BREAKING) Both Agencies Confirm That Lee Min Ho and Suzy Broke Up

Whatever was on her mind that day, fans only hope for Suzy’s happiness and well-being.

Take a look at Suzy’s full reaction below.

Also, listen to the song that touched Suzy’s heart below!