Fans Hilariously Trick Girls’ Generation’s Taeyeon Into Almost Eating A Styrofoam Cake

The kid leader got pranked.

Girls’ Generation‘s Taeyeon recently had a collaboration capsule collection with casual clothing brand SPAO, to release a line of items with the motif of her dog, Zero. As the items sold out swiftly, the kid leader received a cake in congratulations from SPAO. She took to live stream to share the moment with her fans. However, it seems that SONEs had a cute trick up their sleeves.

She asked the fans if they knew whether the cake was edible or not, even tapping on the side of it to test it out. She then realized it was kind of stiff and hard.

She even cutely tried to lick it as a taste test. She commented that it was sweet.

Fans then wittily told her, if you try to save it, it will only become poop! She laughed before replying that it wasn’t a matter of saving it or not, but rather, if it was even edible.

Fans just love to tease Taengoo! Upon reading a comment that told her to cut it to eat, she readily complied.

She left the live stream momentarily to grab a knife from the kitchen.

It was only a matter of time before she realized she had been fleeced. She began to laugh uncontrollably when she realized that she had just cut open a styrofoam cake!

She even berated the fans for tricking her, demanding for the person who told her to cut the cake to come out.

Fans were tickled by the entire exchange, calling her absolutely adorable for being tricked by the fans!

Sorry Taeyeon, but we have to give this one to the SONEs. Those congratulatory cakes are known as sugar deco cakes, and are precisely meant only for decorative purposes. Styrofoam is covered with hardened sugar slabs. This is so the cakes generally will last longer, up to a year even. Check out the clip of her cutting the styrofoam cake below!

Source: theqoo

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