K-Pop Fans Thank James Corden For The “Legendary” Stage And Camerawork For BTS

“Thanks, James!”

Since BTS‘s performance of “Black Swan” for the first time ever on television, James Corden‘s The Late Late Show is receiving a tremendous amount of love and support from K-Pop fans around the world!


As soon as BTS announced their plan to bless The Late Late Show with a full performance, anticipation grew exponentially. K-Pop fans had their eyes wide open for the reveal…


… and they became thoroughly satisfied with the aesthetics of the stage.


The deep mysterious forest vibe added to the seven black swans’ most graceful choreography:


Moreover, viewers became extremely satisfied with how the cameras focused on the stage — and nothing else but BTS and their art.


Thanks to the excellent camerawork, K-Pop lovers got to catch some breathtaking, up-close-and-personal moments in the performance too!


ARMYs continue to praise not only BTS for their flawless presence, but also James Corden and his show for capturing the presence flawlessly.


Following the performance, BTS shared that James Corden made them feel at home — only building more respect for the show host. Read more about their experience on set here:

BTS’s V And J-Hope Share How James Corden Made Them Feel At Ease


Here is how ARMYs are showing their gratitude to James Corden for his hospitality:

BTS ARMY Raises Over £5,000 (And Counting) For Children’s Charity To Thank James Corden


And ICYMI, here is “Black Swan” on The Late Late Show.

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