Fans Think Bang Chan Was Hinting At The Reason Woojin Left Stray Kids During Recent Livestream

Was he really talking about Woojin?

During a recent livestream, Stray Kids member Bang Chan brought up the topic of making mistakes, which led to some comments that some fans think are alluding to former member Woojin.

He started off by saying that people make mistakes, and that it’s alright to make mistakes, but after what appeared to be some hesitation, he went on to add something else.

“I know a person who had to face the worst consequence by making a lot of mistakes and it was because of those mistakes that really affected people around him. If you make a promise with the team you need to be responsible and really keep those promises.”

He continued to talk about thinking about how your actions could impact the people around you, and to really make your decisions thoughtfully and selflessly so as not to negatively impact others.

“STAYs know what I’m talking about,” he added on, which is the comment that make fans really think he is insinuating that Woojin’s mistakes and selfish acts are what led to him being taken out of the group.

Of course, since he didn’t directly mention Woojin – for obvious reasons – it can’t be confirmed that that was who he was talking about. Fans have been left confused and scratching their heads ever since the former member was suddenly taken out of Stray Kids back in October 2019 with no warning, so any hint as to what might have been the reason is much appreciated.

After Bang Chan made his comments, staff members quickly had him stop the stream. Hopefully more information will come to light in the future.

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