Fans Think P1Harmony’s Newest Release Has Some Cartoon Similarities

Fans are loving the new release!

P1Harmony released their 5th Mini Album HARMONY: SET IN on the 30th of November and fans are already expressing their love for the new mini album! A music video for the title track “Back Down” was released as well, and fans are noticing the similarities it has to the popular cartoon Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles!

| FNCEnt/Youtube

Taking place in an underground area, most likely a subway station, P1Harmony takes fans through their newest title track with tons of bright colors and attention-grabbing aesthetics!

With themes of an underground hideout and teamwork, fans have made the connection that the “Back Down” music video is heavily influenced by the cartoon Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles, which is fitting for P1Harmony’s lighthearted personalities!

From a teaser posted on the 22nd of November, fans started to theorize what the music video theme could be.

P1Harmony definitely did not disappoint fans with their latest comeback, as fans everywhere are raving about the creative music video, as well as the amazing title track! Currently, the “Back Down” music video comments are filled with fans praising P1Harmony and urging fellow fans to stream and vote for the song in future music shows!

| FNCEnt/Youtube
| FNCEnt/Youtube

P1eces everywhere are loving the new concept!


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