Fans Think Red Velvet Joy Looks Like Yeri In This Picture

At this point, it seems like the whole group is twinning.

When Red Velvet‘s Joy posted to her Instagram account on September 13 (KST) fans were quick to note how closely she resembled groupmate Yeri. This isn’t the first time Red Velvet members have been mistaken for each other—even by hardcore ReVeluvs! In the past, Wendy and Irene were mistakenly thought to have been sisters.

Below is the picture in question from Joy’s Instagram post:

And, for those who may not be aware, this is Yeri:

Do you agree that Joy looks like Yeri in her latest Instagram photos? They do say that friends begin to look alike through time, and the girls of Red Velvet have shown the strength of their friendship time and time again.