Fans Were Trying To Take A Picture Of Doyeon When A Donkey Appeared With A Chicken On His Back

Weki Meki’s Doyeon was spotted looking stunning, as usual, while heading to her next schedule.

In the photos, however, fans couldn’t help but notice a donkey minding its own business behind her.

It caused quite the confusion, as donkeys are rarely ever seen in the middle of a city like Seoul…

..much less in Nonhyun-dong, where Doyeon was, which is one of Korea’s most affluent, urban neighborhoods.

Upon further research, fans found out that the donkey was being raised by a nearby restaurant!

Image Source: @yoojuhyung

They even found a photo of the same donkey in the same street with a chicken sitting on its back!

Despite the odd sight, Doyeon looked stunning and surprisingly unfazed.

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