Fans Want BTS’s V To Release More Music After Discovering His Producing Skills

Fans want more music from him.

BTS‘s V has surprised fans with his producing skills, and ARMYs hope he starts releasing more of his own music.

Recently, V released his own self-composed song called “Winter Bear”. Fans are impressed with his work, with many not knowing that V was interested in composing.

His song “Scenery” is also a hit with fans. Many agree that his deep voice is highlighted more in slower songs, and fans hope he starts releasing more ballad-like tracks.

V also worked with fellow BTS member RM in the past for the song “4 O’CLOCK”, to which he wrote his own lyrics. Many have been energized by the song and hope V starts releasing more tracks of this concepts, whether it’s with his members or not.

V has also teased some unreleased music to fans on live broadcasts. Many can’t believe how pretty the song sounds like and want him to release the song ASAP.

The producer who helped with BTS’s “Spring Day” also revealed the second version of the song, saying that it’s actually the “V Version” of the song. V had allegedly help produce and compose his version of the track. Though beautiful, it was not chosen and the “Spring Day” we know today was chosen instead.

Now that V’s talents have been revealed, people are encouraging the idol to start releasing his own music. Fans are promising to support all of his works, so they hope that some new tracks will come their way.


Source: TheQoo


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