Fansite Gets Physically Dragged Out By Security During “KAMP LA 2022” Festival

It happened while P1Harmony were performing on stage.

A fansite was recently physically dragged out of KAMP LA 2022 music festival in LA.

Despite the many issues that plagued the music festival, most largely the fact that nearly half of its original line-up was not able to attend due to visa problems, KAMP LA 2022 proceeded with the first day of the concert.

KAMP LA 2022 original line-up.
KAMP’s updated line-up following visa issues with artists.

During P1Harmony‘s performance, multiple attendees reported that a person was being escorted out of the festival, saying that someone was “arrested at KAMP.”

Multiple angles of a person being physically dragged out from the event were shared with an attendee that was standing behind the person explaining why they were kicked out. According to that fan, the person may have been a fansite and had a large camera, something prohibited from the event.

Unlike the recent incident where a fansite was kicked out of an NCT 127 concert, fans did not really see the reasoning behind this fansite being kicked out of the event since there was low attendance anyways.

Fans also pointed out there was some irony in the fansite getting kicked out. As artists arrived at LAX for the festival KAMP’s official social accounts were retweeting photos from another fansite as proof of the artists being there for the festival.

Source: tyeobi, lightschoice, heartbeathoney and kissybinjin


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