6 Artists Will No Longer Be Performing At “KAMP LA 2022”

Some remaining artists will have to perform more than once.

K-Pop fans eagerly anticipated KAMP LA 2022 as it boasts an incredible lineup for its two-day concert, including GOT7‘s BamBam, iKON, Jeon Somi, EXO‘s Kai, LAPILLUS, P1Harmony, Super Junior, and Taeyeon on the first day. The lineup for the second day includes aespa, Chung Ha (also known as Chungha), Epik High, MOMOLAND, MONSTA X, T1419, and Zion.T.

Yet, many fans have been becoming increasingly concerned about the organizer’s decisions from prohibiting the distribution of unofficial artist merchandise to issues with artists’ traveling.

Several artists reported issues regarding their travel status. So, fans became concerned about whether the festival would happen at all.

Somi’s post | | @somsomi0309/Instagram

Sure enough, just one day before the debut K-Pop festival, it has been announced that the original lineup for Saturday has decreased expeditiously. Six artists, including some of the biggest headliners, such as Kai, BamBam, Somi, and Taeyeon, will be unable to perform. So, instead, 21419 and Momoland will perform twice.

While Super Junior had previously contacted fans via Bubble to warn them not to wait in the cold because their flight was delayed because of a visa issue, they are reportedly still performing.

At this point, fans feel KAMP LA 2022 has become the K-Pop equivalent of the infamous Fyre Festival. 

Due to the festival losing so many of its artists, there are reports that the festival will offer refunds. Fans are hoping this is true.

MONSTA X will now no longer be performing on Day 2.

Read more about the situation below.

Fans Call Out “KAMP LA 2022” Organizers As Multiple Artists Are Having Difficulty Flying To Los Angeles

Source: Billboard and KAMP

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