A Fansite Was So Distracted By EXO Chanyeol’s Handsomeness, She Missed Taking Pictures Of Her Actual Bias

“No one can resist Park Chanyeol.”

There’s no denying that EXO‘s Chanyeol is always incredibly handsome but fans have been thinking that his visuals have been particularly amazing lately.


With so many great pictures going around thanks to EXO’s latest comeback and music show appearances, EXO-Ls just can’t get enough…


But they aren’t the only ones! Chanyeol’s visuals have been so outstanding that he thoroughly distracted a fansite manager from another fandom!


A few days ago, Chanyeol headed to Music Bank with the rest of his members and caught everyone’s attention with his stunning visuals.


While lots of jaw-dropping pictures were taken of the idol, one particular photo captured many hearts…


And it just so happened to be taken by a gugudan fansite manager!


Not only did the fansite manager get mesmerized by Chanyeol’s good looks, but she also missed out on her opportunity to take photos of gugudan members!


Since the photo was first posted, EXO-Ls have been freaking out that such a beautiful masterpiece was taken by a fansite manager from a completely different fandom!


They also can’t get over the fact that she completely missed out on her own bias group because she couldn’t resist Chanyeol’s charms!


And thanks to the fansite manager’s outstanding photography skills, EXO-Ls have been hoping she considers officially joining the fandom…


So that even more people can appreciate his incredible visuals!