Female Idol Chopped Off Her Signature Long Hair For The First Time Since Debut

She looks completely different!

Lovelyz‘s Mijoo was always known for her long, goddess-style hair.


She’s never had it shorter than past her chest since debut.


Whether her hair was black, blonde, wavy, or straight, it was always long. It’s become her signature hairstyle!


But fans noticed a strange difference in her latest airport appearance…


Her hair was chopped short!


Her hair not settles right below her collarbone.


It was a simple haircut but her image changed so much!


Just the aura about her seems more elegant and sophisticated!


Lovelyz fans seem to agree as they showered her new photos with so much love!

“She’s so pretty.” — Netizen


Fans fawned over her new look and stunning beauty.

“She’s my favorite idol. I love how she’s so goofy too.” — Netizen


Some even deemed her the next visual member of Lovelyz!

“So f*cking pretty. I definitely think she’s the visual member of Lovelyz” — Netizen


They appreciated how the subtle change in her hairstyle seemed to match her maturing age.

“She probably preferred long hair when she was younger but now that she’s getting older she prefers a mid-length. It makes her look more elegant, even though she looks beautiful in any length because of her pretty face.” — Netizen


What hairstyle can’t Mijoo pull off, anyways?

“Wow Mijoo… I bet she’d look gorgeous even if she buzzed her hair.” — Netizen


Mijoo definitely looks amazing whether she’s got her signature long hair or a shorter version of it!

Source: Nate Pann