This Female Idol’s Fancam of EXO’s “Love Shot” Now Has Over A Million Views

She looks so good and the world knows.

EXO‘s “Love Shot” is a favorite for K-Pop idols to cover because of the unique dance moves. When WJSN‘s Seola tried out the choreography herself, it exploded with a whole new level of sexy vibe – and now the video has taken over the internet!


Seola and her fellow WJSN members performed this cover at a recent fan meeting event. The fancam captures Seola really putting her heart and soul into the dance.


In the clip, Seola can be spotted suited up to fit EXO’s “Love Shot” concept and completely killing the look! Fans couldn’t help but gush over how toned and amazing her body looks, in a crop top that kept revealing her shape under the blazer.


The video now has over a million views on YouTube. Fans are actively praising how a female version of “Love Shot” is a completely different kind of sexy – and agreeing that they can’t stop watching the cover on repeat.


Seola is definitely the next K-Pop dance cover star – on top of being a fantastic lead vocalist for WJSN!


Watch the viral video here:

WJSN (Cosmic Girls)