Here Are 3 Fourth-Generation Female Idols Who Caught The Attention Of Fans With Their Dazzling Visuals At The 2021 AAAs

They’re being called 4th generation “face geniuses.”

The K-Pop and K-Drama industry recently came together to celebrate the year’s achievements through the 2021 Asia Artist Awards. Three female idols caught the attention of fans for their dazzling visuals. In particular, three idols stunned fans and even earned them the titles of “fourth-generation visual queens.”

The first idol who caught the attention of fans was ITZY‘s Yuna! It almost seems like Yuna can’t go anywhere without dazzling netizens with her visuals, and that was definitely true at this event where she was compared to an actress.

Like most of the guests, Yuna was dressed in black, but her minimalistic dress only allowed her visuals to shine even more and even led netizens to call her a “face genius.” She looked lethal and dangerous with the dress’s asymmetrical shape and by teaming it with knee-high boots.

Just last month, Yuna also caught the attention of fans and media when she stunned at Burberry’s THE IMAGINED LANDSCAPES JEJU event.

Like Yuna, aespa‘s Karina always seems to catch the attention of fans with her visuals wherever and the 2021 AAAs were no exception. Dressed in an almost futuristic dress that seemed to tie into the group’s concept, she truly looked like someone ready to walk on a runway in some of the world’s fashion capitals.

Despite criticisms about the outfits and styling for the entire group, Karina continued to shine throughout with her doll-like features and sophisticated presence.

It isn’t the first time that fans have praised Karina’s natural beauty and elegance. During their recent trip to America for the annual Macy’s Day parade, fan shots of the idol showed just how dazzling her visuals are in real life.

| @KRN_Jimineebot/ Twitter

The final idol was one of the hosts of the event, and it is IVE‘s Wonyoung! Despite being the baby of her former group IZ*ONE, her unbelievable height and proportions mean that she always shines wherever she goes, and the AAAs were no exception.

Wonyoung was dressed in an elegant black waterfall dress that just accentuated her height and made her legs look like they went on forever! Pairing it with simple accessories meant that her princess-like visuals were allowed to shine on the red carpet.

Since making her first K-Pop debut, Wonyoung has always stunned fans with her flawless and natural visuals. As she continues to grow and mature, she will no doubt cement herself as one of the top female visuals in the fourth generation.

With flawless visuals, crazy talent, and also charming personalities, these three female idols are definitely the whole package!