ITZY’s Yuna Gains Attention For Her Actress-like Visuals At The 2021 AAA

This is high praise!

ITZY‘s Yuna has always been known for her gorgeous visuals but she really outshone herself this time at the 2021 Asia Artist Awards (AAA)! Remember her iconic line from “MAFIA In The Morning”?

I’m more of an actress than an actress herself.

— Yuna in “MAFIA In The Morning”

She was highly praised for her “actress-like visuals” at the red carpet. Everyone completely fell for her, and who could blame them?

If you’re now wondering what “actress-like visuals are exactly, well, typically actress visuals in South Korea lean towards unique and striking rather than the cute or sexy visuals idols have. Actresses also tend to have more protruding features to look better on camera.

Yuna perfectly embodies this with her large eyes, high and sharp nose, and her small face!

No wonder they call her “Hussey” as in Olivia Hussey!

She looks even more gorgeous in video.

Netizens couldn’t get enough of her visuals.

  • “Amongst all idols, she’s the one that looks the most like a beauty.”
  • “So pretty.”
  • “Damn f*cking pretty.”
  • “Pretty.”
  • “Wow, so pretty.”

As most K-Pop fans would know that Korean netizens don’t throw around the term “actress-like visuals” around easily, you need to know that this is an amazing feat! Yuna’s beauty is truly out of this world.

Source: theqoo