Female Idols Are Often Seen Wearing Seatbelts Improperly On Variety Shows — Here’s Why

The reason is infuriating.

Female idols are often seen wearing their seatbelts on their stomachs or arms while they’re on variety shows. Here is the reason why.

The reason why female idols don’t properly wear their seatbelts on their shoulders is due to how close their bodies are to the camera. Many speculate that if they were to wear their seatbelts properly, it would emphasize their chests.

To avoid backlash and comments of sexual nature, female idols avoid wearing seatbelts properly. The Broadcasting Deliberation Committee has stated, however, that the improper wear of seatbelts may violate traffic safety laws.

Sadly, they still wear their seatbelts improperly to avoid sexually harassing comments. Hopefully, people will stop spreading such comments to allow female idols to ride safely.

Source: TheQoo
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