How A Female Model’s Alleged Sex Tape Led To A Marijuana Scandal As A Cover Up

Do you know the true background of the scandal this MC still won’t talk about?

Famous comedian Shin Dong Yup was arrested and served jail time back in 1999 for using marijuana. But a strange rumor circulates around his arrest because he was surprising welcomed back into the entertainment industry fairly quickly after his release.

Shin Dong Yup was arrested in December 1999 for marijuana use. However, only 22 months later, he was able to re-enter the industry as MC for MBC’s Sunday Night ShowWith such a relatively short hiatus and quick comeback, speculation abounded on the Internet about what happened.

One persistent rumor was that his return to a position of such prominence was because others in the industry had sympathy for his motives: that he got arrested on purpose to save his girlfriend at the time, supermodel Lee So Ra!

In 1999, South Korea’s entertainment “It Couple” were Shin Dong Yup and model Lee So Ra. They had been seriously dating for six years and had planned to get married.

According to the rumor, Lee So Ra filmed a pornographic video when she debuted, which was only available overseas. A sports journalist came across this video and was about to publish an article about this video that would have significantly hurt her career.

Shin Dong Yup supposedly heard about what this reporter was going to do and met with him before anything was published in order to make a deal: he would smoke marijuana and give the journalist the scoop if it meant that the story about his girlfriend would never get published.

The journalist supposedly agreed, and Shin Dong Yup’s marijuana scandal erupted. He went to jail for his crime, but instead of having to slowly rehabilitate his image like most stars, he quickly found a prominent job hosting MBC’s Sunday Night because the producers of that show knew what he had done for his girlfriend and were sympathetic. Unfortunately, the couple broke up not too long after his arrest. Nearly 20 years later, rumors still persist as to the circumstances behind Shin Dong Yup’s arrest and comeback.

Regardless of what really happened, Shin Dong Yup continues to bring laughter and entertain fans all over the world!

Source: @skyhighyerin
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