Female Orgasms Directly Inspired This Decade Old K-Pop Song Sang By A Girl Group Member

It’s one of the idol’s biggest hits.

Having suggestive lyrics in K-Pop songs isn’t anything out of the ordinary since many groups, even ones that have just debuted, use romantic lyrics to flirt with their listeners.

NewJeans performing “Attention” | HYBE LABELS/YouTube

As they age, K-Pop idols also use sexy concepts in music videos and live performances to make their fans go wild. Singers mature with their audiences and try bolder and more mature ideas later in their careers.

Jessi performing “Nunu Nana” | Jessi/YouTube

Still, only a few songs in the K-Pop industry are explicitly sexual. One of these is Brown Eyed Girls Gain‘s hit, “Bloom!” The song has millions of views on YouTube and is, to date, one of her most successful solo singles.

Gain performing “Bloom” | 1theK (원더케이)/YouTube

The lyricist of the track, legendary songwriter Kim Eana who has also worked with IU, EXO, and Taeyeon, revealed that she wanted to write a female-centric song about orgasms. After thinking of a mature artist who could pull the concept off, she approached Gain.

Kim Eana | KCON VOYAGE/YouTube

Kim Eana also said that she’s wanted to approach other singers to do bolder singles about taboo topics, but she didn’t want to pressure them into accepting a concept they didn’t want to do.

Watch the full interview below. Kim Eana talks about writing “Bloom” for Gain at the 8:55 mark.

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