Female Trainee Goes Viral for Looking Identical to EXO’s Tao

Online communities are calling her the female version of Tao.

A female trainee appearing in Produce Camp 2020 in China is going viral for looking exactly like former EXO member, Tao.


According to online communities, the female trainee’s name is Sun Ruyun.

And her personal photo gained particular attention due to the similar facial features she flaunted in comparison to Tao.

They look so alike that online communities are even questioning if they’re siblings.


They even appeared side by side together on the show…

Which only supported the netizens’ claim that they look alike.

The surprising resemblance has netizens responding with comments such as “Are you sure she’s not his little sister?“, “She’s actually a female version of Tao“, and “They look so alike“.

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Source: Dispatch