A Fight Between 2 Idols Got So Heated That Staff Called Another Member To Come Break It Up

He’s tired of seeing them constantly fighting.

Whether physical or verbal, numerous K-Pop groups have confirmed that fighting is a natural part of how they get along. But sometimes, things get a bit out of hand.

When the veteran idol band FTISLAND stopped by the set of Jaejoong‘s Jaefriends, Jaejin couldn’t hide how tired he was of Minhwan and Lee Hongki‘s constant bickering. He admitted, “I’m sick of them.

Proving how irritating the two could be, Jaejin recalled one of their fights that was so intense even their staff was worried. When Jaejin left to attend a party for a musical he was part of, he received a call.

The call was from the band’s staff. Making everyone laugh, Jaejin repeated their cry for help about a heated disagreement between Minhwan and Hongki. He said, “‘They’re arguing… We think only you can settle their argument.’

Jaejin had to say goodbye to his musical crew early and return to the FTISLAND members. Although the fight had ended when he got there, Jaejin could still feel the tension in the air because the root of the problem still hadn’t been settled.

Since the band has been together for nearly twenty years, including their trainee days, that’s a very long time for Jaejin to witness Hongki and Minhwan’s disagreements.

Jaejin, Lee Hongki, and Minhwan. | @saico0111/Instagram

At least they’ve learned the best way to handle those situations and can share the funny memories with fans.