Filipino iKONICs Sang An Impromptu Acapella Of “But You” After iKON’s Concert, And The Original Pinoy Songwriter Had Something To Say

It was a memorable night!

Filipino iKONICs were in for a treat when iKON returned to Manila for the first time since 2018 to perform at K-Pop Masterz 2.

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Alongside ATEEZ and GOT7‘s Youngjae, they entertained a crowd of several thousands last September 23. They performed a setlist filled with their top songs, including “Sinosijak,” “BLING BLING,” “Rhythm Ta,” “Love Scenario,” and “Freedom.”

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The last song of the day was technically “Freedom,” with the members even saying goodbye to the crowd before vacating the stage. They returned, however, after iKONICs clamored for an encore stage.

The group then sang their latest title track, “But You,” to end the night in a memorable way.

The fans in Araneta Coliseum weren’t ready to leave after the boy group officially concluded their performance. In an emotional turn of events, instead of vacating the arena right away, the concert attendees continued where iKON left off and sang an acapella version of “But You.”

They posted their video fancams online, with one fan commenting that iKONICs had “their own encore stage.”

It got the attention of the original songwriter herself. She re-tweeted the original video with the caption, “🥺🥺 to hear the melodies and words I was writing in my bedroom to hearing all these ppl sing it is crazyyy mahal na mahal kita!!”

[T]o hear the melodies and words I was writing in my bedroom to hearing all these [people] sing it is crazyyy. [I really love you all!].

— Vetta

This songwriter is none other than Filipino-Australian Maribelle Anes, also known as Vetta Borne.


Talking about making “But You,” she said, “My inspiration was my heartbreak. I wasn’t ready to let go of somebody, and when I heard the track, these words and nostalgic-type melodies just poured out”

She tweeted another thank you message when the title track was released last May 3, 2022.

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