Filming One K-Pop Idol’s Dance Challenge Was “Embarrassing” For (G)I-DLE’s Miyeon

“I got the video later and thought, ‘It’s not good.'”

(G)I-DLE‘s Miyeon officially made an appearance as a guest on Girl’s Day member and actress Hyeri‘s new talk show, Hyeri’s Club.

Together, the two idols discussed the first time they met while filming the variety program Amazing Saturday, bonded over their roles as vocalists in their respective groups, answered fan-submitted questions, and more.

(G)I-DLE’s Miyeon (left) and Girl’s Day’s Hyeri (right) |

As a fellow vocalist, Hyeri was curious about main vocalist Miyeon’s experience learning choreography and asked the (G)I-DLE member how long it takes her to learn new dances.

Miyeon admitted she felt she wasn’t “that good at dancing” but felt she had improved during the nearly three years she was an M Countdown MC.

(G)I-DLE’s Miyeon as an MC on “M Countdown” | Mnet

Miyeon explained that as an MC, she filmed countless dance challenge videos with fellow K-Pop artists, which helped her improve her speed at memorizing choreography.

While discussing the increasing “dance challenge culture” in K-Pop, Hyeri read a related fan question, asking Miyeon which challenge was the most difficult for her to learn.

Miyeon was prepared for the question and answered that she felt the most “embarrassing” for her to film was the dance challenge for NCT Taeyong‘s debut solo single, “SHALALA.”

Miyeon explained that the “SHALALA” choreography required a lot of “swag,” and after monitoring the video of their challenge, she felt her performance “wasn’t good.

She revealed she “felt sorry” and wondered if participating in the challenge would even be helpful to Taeyong.

Her doubts only increased when their dance challenge wasn’t uploaded, and Miyeon revealed she thought it was because of her performance.

The dance challenge ended up being uploaded later in his promotional cycle, putting her doubts to rest with the supportive comments from netizens.




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Check out her full answer to the question in the video below!