Here’s The First Big Thing BLACKPINK’s Jennie Bought After Becoming Famous

Can you guess what it is?

BLACKPINK‘s Jennie is known as a style icon and fashion guru. With her outstanding fashion sense being showcased every time she goes out, fans have wondered what her favorite items are.

While she wears a number of different outfits, there was one purchase that she prioritized once she made it big.

Jennie revealed to AP Entertainment in 2019 that her first big purchase was none other than a vintage Chanel backpack!

While it is unclear which backpack she was talking about, Jennie has been spotted wearing a number of Chanel designs since her debut.

It was only when she bought this backpack that she began to seriously get into fashion and spend thousands of dollars per piece.

Jennie showed how she was nervous with this expensive purchase, asking her mom, “Do I let myself buy this?”

Her mom replied with a strong affirmative.

You’ve earned it, so go ahead.

– Jennie’s mom

Jennie’s Mom

It is no surprise that this was her first purchase as Jennie is known for being the face of Chanel. She is often invited to their events such as the SS19 Chanel Fashion Show where she wore some of her mother’s vintage Chanel.

She hasn’t looked back since!