The First K-Pop Group Ever To Have Official Photocards

The most iconic group ever.

K-Pop fans these days are extremely lucky. In the current day and age, a wide range of merchandise is available for fans to purchase and show off their love for their idols. Back in the day, fans did not even have lightsticks! They would use colored balloons to cheer on their biases.

Super Junior and their fans.

Later on, simplistic cylinder lightsticks were made available, such as this one for Girls’ Generation.

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Ever since the second generation, photocards were made available for groups. Back then, not every group had a photocard. It was thanks to Girls’ Generation who started the idea and made it a trend. Oh! was the first album ever to have a photocard.

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Thanks to someone in the album directing team at SM Entertainment, we now have photocards.

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The album was released in 2010, and the rest, is history!

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Soon, other companies and groups adopted it, and by the 3rd generation of idols, it was almost compulsory to have a photocard in each album.

ENHYPEN Sunghoon’s photocard, used for illustrative purposes. | Ebay

Trendsetters for sure!

Source: topstarnews

Girls' Generation