First South Korean Black Model Surprises Variety Show For Not Knowing English, He’s lived in Korea his whole life

Han Hyunmin, the first ever popular South Korean black model, is now a regular host on Can You Speak English!

tvN’s Can You Speak English gathers celebrities who have difficulty with English as they learn English over a course of 8 weeks.

When Han Hyunmin first appeared on set, the other cast members thought he was a teacher because of his foreign visuals.

Then when Han Hyunmin spoke in fluent Korean that he has a phobia of English, everyone was shocked and initially didn’t believe him.

Han Hyunmin: “I came to study English. I also have a phobia of it.”

Jeong Si A: “What are you talking about? You look like a foreigner.”

Han Hyunmin: “No, I only speak Korean. I’ve lived in Korea for 17 years.”

Everyone was even more surprised when Han Hyunmin revealed that he barely understands anything in English and that he scores around 12% in his English school subjects.

Although the cast was surprised, netizens felt that it’s only natural that Han Hyunmin would only speak Korean since he’s lived in Korea for a majority of his life.

Many netizens also argued why it was so wrong for Koreans to not be able to speak English fluently.

“We are not some U.S. colony, it’s not a big deal if Koreans don’t speak English.”

— Anonymous netizen

Though Han Hyunmin may not speak a lick of English, he’s an international star in the fashion world!

Mixed Korean model Han Hyun Min named one of TIME’s 30 most influential teens of 2017

And just the fact that he’s broadening his horizon to variety shows is great news for his fans around the world!

Source: Nate News