Where Is He Now: The Flight Attendant–Turned–Model Who Went Viral For Looking Like Song Joong Ki

Do you recognize him?

A male flight attendant once went viral for looking like actor Song Joong Ki.

Lee Yoo Ahn, then a flight attendant and ulzzang, was praised far and wide for his handsome visuals.

Lee Yoo Ahn (Left) with fellow flight attendants | @iiyuan/Instagram

Ulzzang translates to “best face.” Used to describe both boys and girls, it is a term that refers to exceptionally good looking people. They often become famous online for their outstanding visuals, just like Lee Yoo Ahn!

| @iiyuan/Instagram
| @iiyuan/Instagram

Both he and the Vincenzo star boast boyish features with an innocent aura.

Following his virality, Korean company The Different Label asked him to join them as a model. With their help, he officially made his debut at the 2014 Fall/Winter Seoul Fashion Week for the designer Han Sang Hyuk.

Han Sang Hyuk (Left)

He eventually ventured into the acting world, becoming the leading man in MAMAMOO‘s music video for “New York.”

Several years later, Lee Yoo Ahn now goes by the name Yuan and is active as a model!

| @iiyuan/Instagram

He has worked with brands such as Ami Paris


…and CHANEL Beauty

| @iiyuan/Instagram
| @iiyuan/Instagram

His sweet features have matured and he now sports a sexy and cool aura.

| @iiyuan/Instagram
| @iiyuan/Instagram

Unsurprisingly, he boasts almost 450,000 followers on Instagram.

He is also active on YouTube, posting vlogs for his over 60,000 subscribers to see.

From being admired as a flight attendant up in the air to being in front of cameras and flashing lights on the ground, he’s certainly come a long way!

Learn more about him below.

This Male Flight Attendant Is Going Viral In Korea For His K-Pop Idol Looks

Source: Instiz

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