Flight Attendant Shares Why BTS’s Jimin Has “The Best Personality” In K-Pop

“I think that’s why he’s so loved and became the best idol in the world.”

Flying around the world for concerts and events is a big part of every major idol’s daily life, so it should come as no surprise that flight attendants get a lot of chances to learn more about them. In a recent interview, one flight attendant revealed why she thinks BTS‘s Jimin has “the best personality” out of all idols.

These days, Kim Soo Dal and Kim Ha Gyeong are both YouTubers, but their careers started out very differently. Both women worked as airline staff for 10 years, with Kim Soo Dal serving as a ground attendant and Kim Ha Gyeong serving as a flight attendant. During that time, they met numerous idols, from EXO and BIGBANG to Girls’ Generation and Rain.

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While neither of the airline workers met the BTS members during their career, Kim Ha Gyeong had a story to share from her coworker that proved Jimin has one of the sweetest personalities around.

| AYO 에이요/YouTube

The flight attendant explained that during one flight, BTS’s Jimin and former Wanna One member Ong Seong Wu boarded the plane together—talk about a visual heart attack!

The flight attendant in question was an ARMY, so naturally, she was excited to see Jimin. Kim Ha Gyeong explained that ARMYs follow one key promise when it comes to running into the members at work: pretend you don’t know them. This likely helps maintain some normalcy for the worldwide superstars and prevents them from being made uncomfortable in public.

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However, the ARMY flight attendant was older than most fans, so she wasn’t aware of the promise. As such, she couldn’t resist sitting next to him while she wasn’t on duty and asking, “Can we take a picture?”

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Given the situation, Jimin would have been well within his rights to refuse the flight attendant’s request. However, being the sweetheart he is, he did his best to accommodate her. Kim Ha Gyeong explained that Jimin apologized to the flight attendant “in a very cute way“. “I’m sorry,” he said, “Can I give you an autograph instead?”

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Kim Ha Gyeong revealed that she hasn’t come across many “super famous” people who are that thoughtful. “In that sense,” she said, “I think BTS’s Jimin has the best personality.”

I think that’s why he’s so loved and became the best idol in the world.

— Kim Ha Gyeong

And that’s not the only time he’s shown love to ARMY flight workers. One AYO viewer recalled the time Jimin gave an autograph to an attendant who didn’t even ask for it.

| @BTS_twt/Twitter

In 2019, a Chinese flight attendant shared the story on Weibo. She explained that she couldn’t talk to Jimin because of the rules of her job, but when he realized she was a fan, he sweetly left his autograph on the seat before departing. As if that wasn’t enough, he even organized his blanket and pillow neatly on his seat to make her job easier.


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