Follow BTS RM’s Upper Body Workout Routine That Gets ARMYs Drooling Over His Physique

He still looked amazing while doing each exercise.

BTS‘s leader RM, also known by his real name Kim Namjoon, is famous among ARMYs, BTS’s official fandom, for being in killer shape. Despite this, RM remains humble, rarely showing off his body intentionally and insisting he’s not as muscular as he seems.

Naturally, it was a shock for fans when RM decided to take them on a tour of his daily life, which included revealing one upper body workout routine he uses to maintain his physique. ARMYs now know what it takes to have muscles like his, and they can follow along with his training too!

1. Warm Up

Before anything, RM warms up with light dynamic stretching, jogging for five minutes on a manual treadmill, and short headstand push-ups.


2. Pull-Up (8×4)

The actual workout starts by focusing on the back with four sets of pull-ups for eight repetitions each.

3. Push-Up (15×4)

Next were four sets of push-ups for fifteen repetitions each, completing the first section of the workout, which only uses body weight.

4. Cable Seated Row (10×4)

Moving onto the machine-based exercises, RM continues working out his back muscles with four sets of cable seated rows for ten repetitions each.

5. Smith Machine Barbell Bench Press (10×4)

Going back to his chest, he uses the smith machine to do four sets of barbell bench presses for ten repetitions each.

6. Cable Machine Reverse Fly (20×4)

Four sets of cable machine reverse flies for twenty repetitions each were used to work on the shoulders.

7. Kettlebell Deadlift (10×4)

RM works on his legs using four sets of kettlebell deadlifts for ten repetitions each.

8. Hanging Leg Raise (15×4)

Lastly, he exhausts his ab muscles by doing four sets of hanging leg raises for fifteen repetitions each.

Watch the full vlog below. RM starts his upper body workout at the 1:04 mark.


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