Former 90s K-Pop Idol Would’ve Broken The Internet If He Debuted Today…But He Still Looks Just As Good In His 40s

He aged like fine wine.

The 90s was an iconic time to be alive. Fashion, sports, books, and films were legendary, but you can’t talk about the era without mentioning music. Countries like South Korea were entering into a new wave of K-Pop, but there are some things that just don’t change even decades later! For example, K-Pop fans now and before all consistently appreciate good visuals.

According to netizens, there is one member from a 1st generation boy group who was so handsome, he would have been even more popular if he debuted in today’s day and age.

Boasting fresh and prince-like visuals, his name is Park Junseok from the group Taesaja.

It’s easy to see why he would have been such a hit if he debuted in 2022. He could easily pull off both masculine and pretty-boy images.


Fans would be sharing his photos left and right…

…magazines would hound him for interviews…

…and brands would go crazy over him, wanting him to endorse their products.

Given a second chance, he would have even become an icon of the generation.

However, over twenty years since Taesaja’s debut, Park Junseok is still just as handsome as he was in his youth.

He was born on October 30, 1978, making him currently 43 years old…but it’s almost impossible to tell.

| @junseok.park_/Instagram
| @junseok.park_/Instagram

Looking at his current photos, he looks much younger than his actual age.

| @junseok.park_/Instagram 
| @junseok.park_/Instagram

He’s the perfect example of a person who aged like fine wine. Both in the 1990s and 2000s, it doesn’t change the fact that he has visuals that transcend decades!

| @junseok.park_/Instagram
| @junseok.park_/Instagram

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Source: theqoo