Former AOA Member ChoA Returns With The Release Of A New Drama Original Soundtrack

Choa is back!

Former AOA member Choa has made a return to the entertainment industry through a song for the KBS 2TV drama To All The Guys Who Loved Me.

With many predictions about the song being sung by Choa, it was finally confirmed after news reports revealed that it was in fact Choa who sang the track.

Choa withdrew from the group back in 2017 and seemed to have left the industry. She stated that she dealt with depression and insomnia and wanted to experience more things after withdrawing from the group.

However, with the release of this song, it will be her first comeback in the entertainment world in three years.

This track was first released in the August 3 broadcast of the drama To All The Guys Who Loved Me. The song features an appealing and emotional voice that resonates with the character from the drama.

Can you tell that it’s Choa? For those that haven’t heard it yet, take a listen below!

Source: hankyung