Former AOA Member Choa Shares Comforting Advice For Junior Girl Groups

It’s great advice everyone needs to hear!

Former AOA member Choa recently participated in a lovely pictorial for Pilates S Magazine! Along with her pictorial, Choa did an interview where she discussed her new chapter in life and shared advice for junior girl group artists!

During her interview, Choa talked about her YouTube channel and how it has been a great outlet for her musical aspirations. Choa commented, “I want to study music and find my own color.”

초아 CHOA/YouTube

As a former member of AOA, Choa was asked about what comes to mind when she looks back at her life as an idol. In response, Choa admitted her time in AOA wasn’t easy. Despite the hardship, Choa said she was able to experience fun things throughout her career.

It was a physically difficult time, but after it passed, there were a lot of fun things. Even if I did one thing, I wanted to prepare well and show a better side.

— Choa

Fans have often shared that they find Choa to be a perfectionist, however, Choa explained she’s “Far from the word ‘perfect.’” Instead, Choa clarified she merely aims to do things perfectly.

Actually, I am far from the word ‘perfect’, and I am just a person who aims for ‘perfect’. However, the tendency to try to get closer to the ‘ideal’ I want is true.

— Choa

Now that she has moved on to other amazing things, Choa was asked, “What kind of title do you think the chapter of this time can be given when you look at Choa’s life as a book?

I would call it, ‘A new beginning.’ I no longer have the title of an idol so the time has come for me to show the best I can be. I have to become a real professional now.

— Choa

The interview ended with Choa giving some sweet and comforting advice to junior girl groups! As a senior, Choa advised junior artists to remember the small things in life that make them happy!

I know that life is really difficult, so I just want to comfort you. But I hope you enjoy the moment a little. A small happiness can certainly be a force to support an idol life.

— Choa

Source: MK Sports