Former BOL4 Member Woo Ji Yoon Looks Nearly Unrecognizable In New Photos

She underwent a dramatic transformation.

Woo Ji Yoon recently updated her Instagram with new photos looking completely transformed and unrecognizable compared to her days as a BOL4 member.



Many remember Woo Ji Yoon for her colorful hair and outfits, which fit the image of the BOL4 duo perfectly.

She often flaunted vibrant hair colors and sported fun outfits to match.

But following Woo Ji Yoon’s withdrawal from the duo last April, Woo Ji Yoon began her activities as a solo artist.

And she came back with a whole different concept.

In contrast to her past looks, Woo Ji Yoon now looks chic in short black hair monochromatic outfits.

And although it is very different, fans are loving Woo Ji Yoon’s new mature look.

Some of the netizens’ comments include “The short hair looks good on her“, “It looks like she’s starting to find her own colors“, and “I like the vibe“.

Could this be the start of Woo Ji Yoon’s new era as a solo artist?

Check out one of ODDCHILD‘s recent songs, “Island” below:

Source: @bssazzzn