Former Boyfriend Member Minwoo Reveals Cosmic Girl’s Exy Debuted Thanks To Him

Talk about a crazy coincidence!

Former Boyfriend member Minwoo uploaded a video that is quickly garnering interest from viewers all over!

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The former boy group member uploaded a video onto his personal YouTube channel titled, How to become a K-POP Idol trainee (from personal experience) and just from the title alone, viewers got excited. Minwoo shared from his personal experience as a former Starship Entertainment trainee and idol member.

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He starts off the video by revealing how long he trained for and how he came to become a member of Boyfriend.

Firstly, I was a trainee for 3 years at a company called Starship Entertainment. I debuted in a boy group called Boyfriend and promoted with them for about 9 years.

— Minwoo

He shared his own personal method of how he ended up auditioning for the company.

I was forward with my method and decided to call the companies. I called Sidus HQ and Starship Entertainment and let them know that I was interested in auditioning for them. After my calls, I was able to get in for an audition.

— Minwoo

The former boy group member revealed, however, that he didn’t pass in that way.

I didn’t pass. I remember singing FT Island’s ‘Love Sick’ and doing some freestyle acting for them.

— Minwoo


Minwoo continues on with his story of how he actually passed the auditions for Starship Entertainment.

I was actually promoting as a child actor back then and there happened to be a drama meeting audition for child actors that I attended. It was there that I ran into the same casting agent from Starship Entertainment.

— Minwoo

He then reveals that the casting agent offered him another opportunity to audition, which is how he became a part of their label.

The casting agent told me that my image was different from the last time I auditioned for them so I was given another opportunity to audition for Starship Entertainment. This time, I was able to finalize a contract with Starship and that’s how I began my trainee life for 3 years.

— Minwoo

Now this is where things start to get interesting. The former Boyfriend member talks about all the different methods people are able to audition for labels. He goes through each method and does an incredible job explaining each one in detail. He first discusses the differences between open versus private auditions.

An open audition is literally an open audition. You may ask where one may audition for an open audition. The academy’s that teach vocal and dance lessons sometimes work alongside entertainment companies. They’re the ones who hold these open auditions. If a certain academy is in partnership with a certain entertainment label and the label holds an open audition, the students at the academy would be able to go to the auditions.

— Minwoo

He then explains the second method, which is a private audition.

The second method is through a private audition. You can get these through street casting or because you were recommended by a friend.

— Minwoo

While he was explaining the details about how people get to audition through friend recommendation, Minwoo revealed a surprising fact about another K-Pop idol, Exy from Cosmic Girls!

The leader of Cosmic Girls Exy was actually a high school classmate and friend of mine. I suggested that she try out for my label and told my company about it. That is how she got her official audition opportunity and how she debuted after becoming a trainee.

— Minwoo

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What a crazy story. Thank you for sharing all your insider information Minwoo! He has more to share in his YouTube video so if you want to see all of it, you can watch it down below.

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