Former Brave Girls Member Eunyoung Expresses Her Gratitude After Her Wedding Ceremony

Congrats to the newlyweds!

Former Brave Girls member Eunyoung, who previously shared news that she would be getting married, is now officially a married couple.

After holding her wedding ceremony on May 29 to her non-celebrity fiancé Lee Gi Baek, she took to Instagram to express her gratitude and reflect on her special day.

It was the most heartwarming, thankful and happiest day of my life. I was truly so happy. It’s hard to express this feeling with words…

Despite the current situation, so many people attended our wedding with all floors jam-packed. The wedding venue had to open four more floors and yet there were still guests that couldn’t even get in. I will return from my honeymoon and meet everyone to say thank you. If by chance I didn’t see you, please contact me!

When I was a guest at a wedding, I always went with a happy heart to congratulate the couple, but now being in the position to invite guests to my wedding, I am feeling even more grateful and touched. I guess that’s why we couldn’t help but shed tears.

To all the guests who made this special day possible, to those that couldn’t make it but congratulated us from far away, to our parents for taking care of us to this day, and to my love and my husband Lee Gi Baek, I love you so so much and thank you.

Lee Gi Baek said he would make today the happiest day of my life and he did! Ah I think I’m going to cry again. Ok this too-much talker will go on her honeymoon now and contact each and everyone of you when she returns!

Congrats again to the couple!

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