Former BTS Hater Reveals Why They Initially Hated The Group, As Well What Made Them Become A Fan

“So, I made up reasons on why I hate them.”

While BTS currently are enjoying massive success, that doesn’t mean that they don’t have their fair share of haters. However, sometimes these haters end up turning into fans.

On the internet community board Quora, the question “Why do people hate BTS?” was asked, and one anonymous Quora user, who will be referred to as “X”, responded to the question by talking about their experience of hating BTS. “X” ended up getting introduced to BTS through a friend, and had a positive first impression of them.

As someone who used to hate BTS, I’m speaking from personal experience.

See, I have this friend, let’s call her… Kelly.

Kelly’s a cool person, amazing, funny, just plain awesome.

She also likes BTS

Was she the reason I hated BTS? Nope, not at all.

She told me about them, yes. Fangirled, actually. But I didn’t mind. I could understand that she didn’t have anyone to talk to about BTS.

So I listened, like the amazing person I am. Did I get at least a teeny tiny bit interested? Yep. Totally.

— “X”

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However, “X” couldn’t check out BTS more due to school, and eventually forgot about them. Despite initially liking BTS, “X” started to hate them after seeing comment sections of videos unrelated to BTS filled with comments about BTS.

However, school was a b*tch so I couldn’t really check them out.

Plus, I forgot. A lot.

I used to watch other videos though. Whenever something slightly similar to BTS was mentioned, they’d show up like the plague. Who, you ask?


I got slightly irritated with comments like:

”oemgee, when xxx said that, i got reminded of bts!!”

“any ARMY here????”

”how dare (s)he have an opinion about my oppa!”

And so on.

The word ‘oppa’ used by people who weren’t Korean. Mispronounced. I cringed.

So I hated the fandom.

— “X”

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As time went on, “X” ended up making up reasons to hate BTS.

Ofc, my opinion of Kelly didn’t change. She was still a good friend.

So, I made up reasons on why I hate them.

“Their music isn’t good” I hadn’t heard any

”They don’t look that good” I didn’t know what they looked like

”Their fandom sucks” Not all, just the ones I saw at that time

“They’re overhyped” I didn’t even know how huge their popularity was.

— “X”

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“X” never shared these opinions with anyone, and knew deep down that all of this hate was a lie.

As you can see, I was a horrible person.

I kept these opinions to myself, never sharing it with others.

In reality, I was just lying to myself because I didn’t wanna be like ARMY.

Did I really hate BTS?


I just didn’t know them.

— “X”

Everything changed when another friend introduced “X” to one of BTS’s music videos, which caused “X” to get interested in the group again. Not only did “X” start watching more videos to get to know the BTS members more, but “X” also ended up becoming an ARMY after seeing how many positive fans were out there.

So, once, when my other friend “Natalie”, who was a casual fan showed me one of their MVs, I regretted so bad.

‘They work so hard’

…was what I thought.

I watched more and more videos, funny ones actually, and felt really ashamed.

Why did I hate them?

I watched videos, saw many cool fans, and ended up being something I didn’t wanna be. But I really don’t regret it.

— “X”

Source: Quora