Former Figure Skater Reveals She Was Forced To Give Up Her Skating Dreams To Become A Shaman

She would have died if she didn’t accept it.

A former figure skater is making headlines for her shocking story about her supernatural experiences.

Choi Won Hee during her figure skating days | News1

On the most recent episode of KBS Joy‘s Ask Us Anything Fortune Teller, former figure skater Choi Won Hee made an appearance to talk about her life’s concerns. Choi Won Hee was a talented figure skater, who once dreamt of becoming the “second Kim Yuna.” The former figure skater, however, gave up her figure skating dreams and even gave up her coaching services because of a surprising reason.

I fought my calling as a shaman for a really long time. It was after the spirit of my grandmother entered my body and spoke words using my mouth that I came to acknowledge my purpose.

— Choi Won Hee

Choi Won Hee as a shaman | VIDEOMUG

Yes, you read that correctly. Choi Won Hee transformed her life from a figure skater to a shaman. It was during her time on the show that she revealed her personal experiences with supernatural beings.

Every time I would begin a jump, I wouldn’t see anything. When I was mid jump, however, that’s when I would see ghosts. That’s why I hated incorporating jumps into my routines. One time, I fell during my jump because I saw a ghost. That time, I saw a man, a woman and a baby. Even during my warm-ups, I would see a mom ghost and her baby ghost sitting on top of the gymnasium roof.

— Choi Won Hee

The former figure skater explained how her experiences with supernatural beings actually started when she was a young girl. She also shared how she found out about her calling.

Still from “Ask Us Anything Fortune Teller” | KBS Joy

I would see weird things in middle school. Only my mom knew about it.

I started off 2020 in a lot of pain. I went to go see a shaman myself to get a reading and it was here that they told me, ‘you have a calling and you must accept it.’ I contacted someone about it and they told me, ‘I can’t tell if what’s inside you is a ghost or a human.’ It was during this time that we found out it was my grandmother. Using my lips, my grandmother started to speak.

— Choi Won Hee

It was here that Choi Won Hee revealed why her grandmother took over her body and how that was the beginning of her career shift.

Still from “Ask Us Anything Fortune Teller” | KBS Joy

When he told me that I can accept my calling in 8 years, my lips responded with ‘no.’ When he said, ‘what about 3 years later,’ my grandmother responded by saying, ‘3 years? She probably knows since she’s the one been who has been putting her calling aside, but she’ll die if she keeps waiting.’

I wouldn’t have believed it if it came from someone’s else’s mouth, but because I personally experienced it with my lips, it was different. Afterwards, I could see the date, October 4th.

— Choi Won Hee


She continued to share that while she has peace in her body after accepting her calling, different problems arose in her life.

My body stopped being in pain after I received my calling and I have complete peace about it, but there are other issues now. I want to help others and I believe that I’m on the right path set out for me. Other shamans will come find me, however, and tell me I’m a fraud. They will record themselves cursing at me and say that I became a shaman through lies.

The relationship that I have with my sisters also took a toll. I understand their point of view, but they got upset with me. They said, ‘how could you accept the calling without telling us first?’ I don’t see them at all anymore.

— Choi Won Hee

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You can catch the full story of Choi Won Hee’s transition from figure skater to shaman on the March 1st episode of Ask Us Anything Fortune Teller.

Source: Chosun and Seoul Shinmun