Former Flight Attendant Dished On The Rude Behavior Of Certain Idols On Board

“They suck on peanuts and spit it out of their mouths onto people in front of them.”

YouTuber Kim Sudal has revealed the rude behavior celebrities had on board during her service as a flight attendant.

She began by stating that she had the greatest experience with SM Entertainment artists such as TVXQ, Girls’ Generation, EXO and Super Junior.

They were polite, were not late to the airport and their staff members were really kind as well.

ㅡ Kim Sudal

She explained that TVXQ showed particular etiquette on the plane.

They’re very famous even among flight attendants because they even fold the blanket they used before getting of the plane.

ㅡ Kim Sudal

Then she finally got to the celebrities who she had the worst experience with. She explained that one was an older male solo singer who was not active these days. He was also apparently an avid smoker.

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He kept chain smoking in the smoking room [at the airport] and the plane couldn’t take off because we were waiting for him.

ㅡ Kim Sudal

All the flight attendants went out to search for him so that the plane can close doors. Kim Sudal said she found him in the smoking room smoking and notified that he must board the plane now. The celebrity, however, responded in an extremely rude way.

He said in an annoyed voice, ‘Are you on your period? Why are you being so fussy?’

ㅡ Kim Sudal

She also shared that there were some rude idol groups. She claimed that some groups were habitually late and caused inconveniences to all passengers on the plane and mentioned certain groups would display inappropriate behavior.

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One girl group was spitting in between the space on the carousel and playing a game of spitting. On another instance, I asked a boy group to set their luggage on the carousel and they said, ‘Me? You want me to do that? You do it.’ When I said the passenger must do it, he made his female staff do it.

ㅡ Kim Sudal

She also mentioned numerous other rude behavior that idols did on the plane.

| Evgeny Vershinin/Alamy

They spit their gum and stick it on the aisle and suck on peanuts and spit it out of their mouths onto people in front of them.

ㅡ Kim Sudal

Listen to all of her experiences with celebrities below:

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