Former Flight Attendant Reveals Shocking Incidents Of Sasaengs Onboard Flights

Some of the stories are truly disturbing.

A former flight attendant of Air France has revealed shocking stories of sasaengs (over-obsessive fans) she saw and experienced on board.

When asked by a netizen whether she has seen any celebrities during her employment, the stewardess-turned-BJ (broadcast jockey) confessed that she has seen many including G-Dragon, EXO, actress Choi Ji Woo, comedian Park Myeong Su and more.

She also revealed that she saw as many sasaengs as she did celebrities.

They (idols) often travel abroad so there are many sasaengs. It’s really scary. When they board the plane, the sasaengs sit around them. I don’t know how they know.

ㅡ BJ

She explained that the sasaengs not only disturbed the privacy of the celebrities but that they also posed a problem for the airline as well. If the schedules of the celebrities change last minute, the sasaengs would also cancel their tickets and all the seats would remain empty.

It’s also not good for the airline because if the celebrity’s schedule changes and they don’t board the plane, then everyone cancels. I don’t know how they find these things out but they cancel the tickets together so suddenly all the seats become empty.

ㅡ BJ

According to a story of one her colleagues, one sasaeng even requested the used dishes of a famous celebrity.

A top-class celebrity like TVXQ was seated in a business class seat and one person asked for the celebrity’s used dishes like forks, spoons, what they ate, etc.

ㅡ BJ

The BJ sympathized with these celebrities further explaining that the sasaengs continue to take photos even when the celebrities are asleep.

I truly felt sorry for the celebrities. When they’re sleeping, (the sasaengs) keep taking photos with their cell phone.

ㅡ BJ

Watch the full video below:


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