Former Girl Group Member Reveals She Was Tricked In To Filming An Erotic Movie

“There was no one to stand up for me on set… I was being used.”

Content Warning

This article includes descriptions of graphic content that may disturb some readers.

Former Dal Shabet member Viki, now better known as actress Baek Da Eun, has a few movies out that are rather NSFW. Regarding these erotic movies, the idol-turned-actress admitted she didn’t film the adult scenes on purpose, but was tricked into filming them by her acting agency. 

With her appearances in 2014’s “Pharisees” that won her a rookie actress award at the 34th Golden Cinema Film Festival, Viki seemed to be succeeding in her new acting career. With her following works, 2015’s “Nice Sister-in-Law”, and 2016’s “P.S. Girl”, however, Viki’s fans grew concerned with the nature of the movies.

In a 2015 interview, Viki explained she was not the one to choose the films that fueled the spread of rumors that Viki had turned into an erotic actress.

There was no one to stand up for me on set. The situation drove me to end up filming those scenes. That movie wounded me deeply and it gave me the image of a porn actress. I wanted to clarify at least this.

— Viki

The actress endured because she believed when her agency promised these exposures would bring her better roles in dramas. She ended up doing two more pieces with extreme nudity, at the request of the agency.

When I found out the drama roles were lies, I went to the company furious. The only feedback I received was “Who promised you such a thing?” and at this point, I became certain that I was being used.

— Viki

She took legal action against the agency, which turned out to be an illegal establishment.

They weren’t a business that could hold anyone to a contract to begin with. I ended up leaving the company with nothing but damage done to myself.

— Viki

To this news, Koreans reacted with warm support for the actress in the making. Many netizens were outraged by the fact that there are agencies out there constantly doing this to actresses.

  • “It pained my heart when I read that there was no one to protect her on site…”

  • “Wow… so that’s what happened…she must have been super hurt…”

  • “I hope she finds a good company now ㅠ She must have been so scared alone ㅠ”

  • “I can’t even begin to imagine how scared and afraid she must have been.”

  • “So she was forced into something she didn’t even want to do by the company.”

Meanwhile, Viki is trying to become more active with her promotions as an actress. She has also continued teaching dance to students who are interested.