Former Idol Recalls Being Cut From A Company For Failing To Lose 2 Pounds

It was an extremely unhealthy situation.

Singer and YouTube content creator Coco, also known as rilaccoco, opened up about the unhealthy practices surrounding trainees’ weight and recalled being axed from a company over failing to shed a mere two pounds.

Coco | rilaccoco/Instagram

Since Coco made her K-Pop debut as part of the duo CocoSori and is now a solo artist, she’s been sharing her experiences from her trainee and idol days.

Coco took Gina Maeng by surprise when saying, “I got cut from one of the companies because I wasn’t able to lose two pounds. And I was shamed in front of everyone.

Coco then revealed how the unfortunate situation had unfolded. When she was practicing, she was approached by a company employee and faced nasty words targeting her weight—in addition to an ultimatum.

One of the team leaders came down and he’s like, ‘Coco’s fat.’ He calls me a pig. He calls me fat in front of everyone.

‘Coco, you’re a pig. If you don’t lose two pounds by tomorrow, then I’m going to cut you.’

— Coco

Being a young trainee dreaming of stardom, she did whatever she could to lose the weight. From night to morning, Coco “researched everything [she] could do to lose two pounds.

After discovering a technique that wrestlers use, Coco spat for eight hours straight to the point that “nothing would come out.” She then went to the spa to continue her journey of dehydration to shed the pounds quickly. Though she reached her goal, she was hit with a curveball.

The next morning, eight a.m., I went to the dance practice studio. I went on the scale in front of everyone. They’re like, ‘Oh my god, Coco. You made it!’

— Coco

Coco had been so dehydrated that she “was so dizzy,” “couldn’t think straight,” and “couldn’t walk straight.” Thinking she was finally in the clear, she gulped down some much-needed water.

Despite everyone confirming she’d dropped the two pounds a few hours earlier, the team leader asked Coco to weigh in again—after drinking her fill of water.

He’s like, ‘Hey, Coco. Get on the scale.’ I was like, ‘S**t, I drank water.’ I went up, and then immediately…that two pounds was back up.

He didn’t even listen to a word. He’s like, ‘You’re out. Pack your bags.’ And no one else could say a word either.

— Coco

Since Gina Maeng was once a trainee alongside IU, she admitted that situations like Coco’s have resulted in eating disorders among many trainees and debuted idols.

Fortunately, Coco and Gina Maeng now have healthier relationships with their weight and food. Watch the two reveal just how harshly trainees’ weights can be scrutinized here.