Former K-Pop Idol Reveals 4 Things We Can All Learn From BTS

She believes we can all learn from BTS.

Former K-Pop idol and current YouTuber, Mozzang World, gives several reasons on what we can learn from BTS. She states that we all can learn from them even if you are not a K-Pop listener or fan. She’s found that BTS is not a ‘processed’ or planned production from a company, but rather a group that is open to opinion and challenges. Below are four reasons she gives on what we all can learn from BTS.




1. Reading

She reveals that BTS is known for being bookworms and that they are always reading during their spare time. She can see the inspiration in their music videos such as the Persona album where they touch base on psychological theories of Carl Jung, Greek mythology, French, and art history. You can also see the inspiration from their readings in the lyrics, which are unlike the usual lovey-dovey love song. She also points out that there are always books in the background of BTS shows and vlogs.


2. Empathy

BTS is known for their ability to empathize with others through their message and music. It is hard to empathize with someone if you have not experienced it before. BTS, however, have gone through many trials in their lives, making it easier for them to empathize and feel the same emotions as others. She states that there are many people who cry when listening to their songs. Some get emotional just by listening to their messages or speeches as well. It allows us as people to realize that even a group as famous as BTS can have the same obstacles and pain as anyone else.


3. Consistency

Many people who don’t know about K-Pop and the idol culture may think that BTS just got lucky. But that is not the case. It is only those that endure the training process who can make their debut. BTS, however, does not stop there. They are known to continue practicing and improving their skills even to this day. They always work their hardest to bring the highest quality performances to the stage. They continuously study, read, and watch movies for inspiration. She explains that there are many idol trainees that enter the field thinking that it will be easy., but BTS continues to work on themselves even on their days off.


4. Kindness

She reveals a time she saw a photo from BTS’s early days and was shocked at how happy they were. They were performing in a park with no staff and almost no fans. But the photo showed the seven members smiling and looking happy. She could tell that they were happy to perform anywhere and that this could be there chance. When comparing photos from their early days to current ones, their smiles are just the same, glowing and happy. She feels that it is important to be a kind person and that people who are kind are bound to succeed. She explains that there are many cases where famous celebrities get brought down by things from their past. BTS, however, continues to give back and thank those that have helped them get to where they are now.



So in short, reading, empathy, consistency, and kindness is something we can all watch and learn from BTS! What have you learned from BTS?



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