BTS Jungkook’s Dancing Skills Is The Product Of Talent And Hard Work

Hard work truly pays off.

Former Idol trainer and Youtuber who previously reviewed BTS Jimin and J-Hope’s dancing styles, made a new video to share his thoughts about Jungkook’s dancing.




In short, he explains Jungkook as an unrealistic person because he is too perfect. With BTS being one of the top groups in Korea and the world, he is not only good with vocals but also has excellent dancing skills. His skills would be enough for people to think he is the main dancer of the group.




Jungkook’s visuals are also stunning from his hair, face, and perfect body. He adds that to top it all off, Jungkook is only 22 years old, making him beat everyone even in terms of age.

He confesses that he started to grow out his hair too after seeing Jungkook’s amazing long hair. He quickly admits that he regrets growing it out because it didn’t turn out to look as cool as Jungkook’s hair.




He reveals that if he had a student like Jungkook, he would have been so moved that he would have shed tears. Any dancer can see how much work and effort he put into it to be able to dance like that. Of course talent is important in a group like BTS, but more so than that, the hard work that goes behind it goes way beyond talent when it comes to Jungkook.




When Jungkook dances, he does not discard one move, and instead dances every part in full, sending power all the way to the tip of his body.

When you practice a lot, you get used to the choreography and you get to know where all the key points are. Then, people tend to discard or trim off the dance moves that aren’t key points of the choreography. But Jungkook doesn’t discard any moves, making him the kind of dances that choreographers love the most.




When a choreographer makes a dance, they have a vision in their mind that would make dancers perform in a certain way. Jungkook delivers the choreography exactly the way the choreographer envisions it. Bad dancers make their own interpretations of the dance and trim or discard certain moves and then say, ‘this is my style’ as their excuse.





He also points out that Jungkook’s physique is a body that was not made to show off, but built to dance well and powerfully. Jungkook made the effort to build his body in a way that would help him perform well on stage.




He also talks about the diverse styles of dance and how everyone may have their own opinions regarding this.

“If you’ve fallen for Jungkook’s dance among all the diverse styles, it’s probably because of his passion that has been built over the many years of his career and his rule of not allowing any of the dance moves to be discarded and his exemplary attitude when it comes to dancing.”




What do you think about Jungkook’s dancing?