Former Idol Trainer Gives His Thoughts On BTS Jimin And J-Hope’s Dancing Style

He agrees that both are world class dancers.

A former idol trainer gave his thoughts on the difference between BTS Jimin and J-Hope’s dancing style. He agrees that although both styles of dance are truly world-class, he expresses the difference in talent between the two members. He analyzes their dance styles through the same performance.







In the case of Jimin, he states that Jimin has a specific style that only he can do. He also states that Jimin is able to “jimin-ify” any style of dance and make it his own.




This style of dance cannot be learned as it has to come naturally. He believes that Jimin probably could not explain or teach someone his style of dancing because it is so detailed and particular to just him. Jimin’s dance style is not something that can be imitated and can be seen as a piece of art.




In the case of J-Hope, he can sum of his style of dance with one word: precision.





Every time he watches his dances he can’t help but wonder if he is a human metronome or some sort of robot. J-Hope is able to use his body to create flexible and long dance moves, allowing him to make very big moves that are very precise. He adds that creating big moves with that much precision is not an easy thing to do. Because the moves are long, it uses more energy and time to make a certain move, meaning his dancing style can be very difficult to do comfortably. Although he may always be smiling and looking effortless while dancing, it actually uses up a ton of energy.




The trainer also believes J-Hope would probably calculate and process the dance moves before performing. If J-Hope were to create a dance manual, he would be able to make a very high-quality one.




He also thinks that some people may be curious as to why J-Hope is the dance leader of the group and not Jimin. He thinks that it is because of J-Hope’s ability to match his style of dance to the concept as well as his calculations and processing for the choreography that he is able to help the members create a balance for the performance.




These boys are truly world-class!




Watch the full clip below:


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