Former Idols Are Becoming Broadcast Jockeys, And It’s No Wonder Why

You won’t believe how much these broadcast jockeys make!

Many Korean celebrities have been transitioning into broadcast jockeys or BJs, and a glimpse into their income (and how they earn it) proves why.


A portion of the income of broadcast jockeys on Afreeca TV, one of the most popular live broadcasting services in Korea, has been revealed and has been shocking netizens.

This is also the platform that the rising star makeup artist, Risabae, used to share her makeup tips with her viewers.


These broadcasting jockeys earn money by receiving what are called “star balloons” from their viewers.

Each “star balloon” is apparently worth about 110 won (~$.10 USD) of which 60-80 won (~$.05~$.07 USD) goes to the BJs.


According to the released data chart, former actress Kang Eun Bi took 7th place, Crayon Pop’s Ellin 12th place, and MBLAQ’s G.O 17th place.


Kang Eun Bi received 183,842 star balloons and earned 12,868,940 won (~$11,950 USD).


Ellin earned 9,139,800 won (~$8,500 USD) with 152,330 star balloons.


And G.O earned 7,074,780 won (~$6,500 USD) with 128,413 star balloons.


The most surprising fact is that the above income was the calculated income of just 5 days!

Meanwhile, the BJ that took first place earned a whopping 25,616,780 won (~$23,800 USD) during these 5 days.


Mind you, this is not including the income that comes from their Youtube channels.


Back when G.O just started broadcasting as a BJ, his income in his first week added up to over $25,000!

MBLAQ’s G.O Debuted As A Streamer, and You Won’t Believe How Much He Made In His First Week


It’s no wonder celebrities have started to take this route, as the potential for earning a huge income seems endless!

Source: Insight