Former Jungkook Sasaeng Fan Reveals How Bad Her Life Got, As Well As What Led Her To Quit Being A Sasaeng

The sasaeng even needed to get therapy.

There have been many instances where former sasaeng fans came out and revealed how bad their lives got due to getting involved in the sasaeng culture. A YouTube channel by the name of “kisses dalhia” read a story she received from a former Jungkook (BTS) sasaeng fan, and it was quite an interesting one. The first thing mentioned by the former sasaeng fan is how she now regrets ever being a sasaeng fan, and how she still is reflecting on her actions.


In regards to how it all began, the sasaeng fan is from Japan and got into BTS in 2017. While she claims that she loves other K-Pop groups, BTS was the one group she gave the most attention to.


The sasaeng fan soon got famous on social media due to the high-quality pictures she took of the members whenever she went to their concerts. After her photos went viral due to their quality, the sasaeng fan received a DM from another sasaeng fan, but one that was from South Korea.

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The South Korean sasaeng fan soon offered the Japanese sasaeng fan money in exchange for taking photos of the BTS members. The Japanese sasaeng fan ended up accepting the offer. However, the South Korean sasaeng fan ended up using all the photos taken for herself and gave very little pay to the Japanese sasaeng fan.

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The Japanese sasaeng fan eventually got burned out from her life revolving around BTS 24/7 and was going to quit. However, the Korean sasaeng fan soon gave her an offer where she would double her pay if she followed Jungkook to his hotel and see if he was dating.

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The Japanese sasaeng fan ended up accepting the other as she needed the money. Over time, the Japanese sasaeng fan started to fall in love with spying on BTS and was loving the amount of money she was receiving.

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However, the Japanese sasaeng fan soon got caught by her sister and was sent to therapy. She now deeply regrets her actions and doesn’t condone sasaeng behavior.

Here is the full video below!

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