Former JYP Trainee Reveals Which Songs They Are Banned From Singing During Evalutations

Don’t try to sing these songs if you are a JYP trainee!

Since the disbandment of his group MADTOWN, former member H.O has been keeping himself busy as an Afreeca TV BJ on his stream H.O Tube.


Hoping to help people who are pursuing their dreams of being singers, H.O opened up about his experiences as a JYP trainee (before he debuted with MADTOWN) on H.O Tube.

If you are dreaming of becoming an idol, singer, or member of a band, it will help to listen to what I am about to say.

— H.O

H.O explained that every trainee has to participate in monthly evaluations.

Most major entertainment companies are the same. Every month they hold evaluations for their trainees. These people (rookie development teams) are not dumb, so they check to see if you have improved, how much you have improved, and how passionate you are

— H.O

The evaluations were to see how much trainees have improved their skills in a month’s time.

They will draw a picture in their heads. They think ‘It looks like this person is passionate, and they practiced hard. This person has improved from last month.’ If this is the case, the company will keep training you.

— H.O

H.O also explained what would happen if the company did not feel that you had improved enough.

If they think ‘hmm…this trainee did not improve much from last month,’ then they keep watching you. They don’t cut you right away. But, if it looks like there is no passion, no improvement two to three months later, then they will cut you and bring in more trainees. The competition is really fierce.

— H.O

He revealed that there are also cameras watching your every move.

In the training center, there are cameras everywhere. With their CCTV system, employees can watch you no matter where you are. Although, I was able to find all of the blind spots so I could take breaks once in a while.

— H.O

Finally, H.O shared that you cannot sing K-Pop at your monthly evaluations.

At JYP, you cannot sing Korean songs at your monthly evaluations. If you ask your vocal coach ‘teacher, can I sing a Korean song?’ then you would get a slap on the back, and you were immediately told ‘no’. It had to be Pop (English). I don’t know the reason why. Even to this day, I still don’t know why you can’t sing a Korean song at JYP’s monthly evaluations.

— H.O

Check out the segment in full below:

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