Former JYP Trainer Reveals He Fought With The Company For ITZY’s Ryujin

Was his fight worth it?

A former JYP trainer JayB (Song Jae Yeop) reacted to ITZY’s new music video “Not Shy” and revealed a story about Ryujin during his time at JYP Entertainment.

| @ITZYofficial/Twitter

This story begins when he first started working at JYP as a trainer.

He was ITZY’s trainer right up until the groups’ debut, so he knew the members quite well.

Although he had many stories to tell, he decided to tell one story regarding member Ryujin.

He was in charge of creating the choreography and concept for Ryujin’s performance on JTBC‘s Mixnine.

But he ended up fighting with the company over this performance!

JYP wanted to go with a common track that was popular at the time…

…but JayB thought that it was too common and boring to be used for the performance.

He kept pushing to use a different style track and chose Taylor Swift‘s “Look What You Made Me Do.”

He did not back down and kept pushing this track until the company agreed to his choice.

He felt strongly that this different style of song would help appeal more to Ryujin and show off her abilities well.

As a result, she made a stellar performance that was praised by many! What do you think of her performance? Do you think it was worth the trainer to fight JYP to choose this song?

JayB also admitted that although he did push it a bit strongly to the company, it was the best choice for Ryujin and also helped him gain credit as a new trainer at the company.

Watch the video below to see his full reaction to ITZY’s new music video!